Card Saver Binder Semi-Rigid Binder for Trading Card Games

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Semi-Rigid Card Holder Binder

Card Saver Binder Semi-Rigid Binder with Card Saver Semi-Rigid 50er Box for Trading Card Games

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We are Protecc

We feel called to offer you the best possible products to protect your card collection. There are many products on the market to protect your trading cards, but it's not always easy to keep track of them all. Protecc brings together the crème de la crème and only offers products that provide the best possible protection for your collection, both on their own and in combination.

We are currently at the beginning of our journey, but we have made it our mission as collectors for collectors to continuously expand and develop our range. Join us on our journey and take advantage of our launch promotion and get an initial 5% discount on all orders with the code PROTECC5 and a small but nice extra!

With this in mind dear collectors

Protecc Card Saver Semi-Rigid Card Holder Box for your Trading Card Games

Protected at another level

Card Saver

The well-known card grading companies recommend Semi-Rigid Card Holders (also known as Cards Saver) to protect cards against dust and bending. Compared to top loaders, they especially protect the edges and corners of cards. Protecc's Semi-Rigid Card Holders are crystal clear and present cards beautifully. They fit perfectly into the Semi-Rigid Card Holder Binder Premium for optimal card storage.

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